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Tyler and Monroe

May 4, 2017

John Tyler was not the sort of man who would have been elected President in the first place.  James Monroe served as President for two terms.  Tyler became President only after William Henry Harrison’s untimely death.  Monroe was unopposed when he ran for re-election.  Monroe died in 1831, almost ten years before Tyler became President.  Tyler died in 1862.

Monroe is known for the Monroe Doctrine and the Era of Good Feelings.  Tyler is known primarily as the first Vice President to become President upon the death of his predecessor.  Monroe signed the Missouri Compromise.  Tyler vetoed the bills that would have resurrected The Bank of the United States.

Monroe and Tyler were both from Virginia.  Both had served as officers in the U.S. military.  Lieutenant Monroe crossed the Delaware with General Washington.  Captain Tyler served in the local militia during the War of 1812 but saw no action.

Both Presidents are buried in Richmond, Virginia’s Hollywood Cemetery. Their graves are a stone’s throw apart.  Monroe’s casket is surrounded by an iron cage.  Tyler’s lies beneath  an obelisk.









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