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A Simple Answer

August 9, 2016

President Harding appointed some very good men to his cabinet.  His Secretary of State was Charles Evans Hughes, who later became Chief Justice.  Harding’s Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon was retained by both Coolidge and Hoover.  Harding’s Secretary of Commerce had saved millions of Europeans from starvation at the end of the Great War.  He was also retained by Coolidge and was himself elected President in 1928.

President Harding appointed some other men who betrayed his trust.  We will not trouble you with their names.  When the truth was discovered, the machinery of justice went into action.  Coolidge felt an obligation to retain much of Harding’s cabinet in order to fulfill Harding’s campaign promises, but he did not allow sentiment to prevent him from enforcing the laws of the United States.  When questioned about the scandals during a press conference, Coolidge gave a simple answer which left no doubt:  “Let the guilty be punished.”

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