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Only One

February 11, 2015

Only one President, George Washington, received the unanimous approval of the Electoral College. Only one President, James Buchanan, remained a bachelor through his entire life. Buchanan was also the only President from Pennsylvania. Only one President, Grover Cleveland, was elected to nonconsecutive terms. Only one President, Franklin Roosevelt, was elected four times.

Only one President, James Polk, has ever been Speaker of the House. However, he did not go directly from Congress to the White House. Although a handful of legislators have gone directly from the Senate to the White House, only one man has ever gone directly from the House of Representatives to the White House. He was our 20th President, James Garfield.

Only one President, Rutherford Hayes, was elected after an Electoral Commission determined which group of electors would be admitted to the Electoral College. One of the members of that Commission was future President James Garfield, the only President to receive such a distinction.

Only one President was sworn in by his father. Vice President Calvin Coolidge was visiting his father’s home when he was awakened during the night and informed of President Harding’s death. Since John Coolidge was a local official with the proper credentials, he had the honor of inaugurating his son into the office of President.

When Coolidge was elected to a term of his own, he was sworn in by a former President of the United States, William Taft. Taft is the only President to become Chief Justice of the United States. Taft also swore in Herbert Hoover in 1929.

Two Presidents, Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, have been impeached, but neither was convicted. Another President, Richard Nixon, was on the verge of impeachment and would probably have been convicted, but he resigned. He is the only one.

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