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History Repeats Itself,… Almost

September 29, 2014

In 1828 Andrew Jackson defeated the incumbent President.  For a generation Secretaries of State had become Presidents.  Now there would be a General in the President’s mansion, a man who, like General Washington, would serve two terms, retire voluntarily, and be succeeded by his Vice President.

It is ironic that Washington’s Vice President was the father of the man Jackson defeated in 1828.  It is remarkable that Jackson and his immediate predecessor should have had the same Vice President, John C. Calhoun, but this arrangement would only last one term.  Calhoun would be replaced when Jackson ran for re-election, and Jackson’s second term V-P would then be elected President in 1836.

Calhoun might have become Vice President a third time and then run for President with Jackson’s support in 1836, but before that could happen Jackson made a startling discovery about Calhoun.

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