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Republicans by a Whisker

August 18, 2014

Benjamin Harrison was the last of five bearded Presidents, all Republicans.  He did not have a majority or even a plurality of the popular vote in 1888, but be won in the Electoral College.  When he ran for re-election in 1892, he lost to his predecessor.

Harrison was not the only bearded nominee to squeak into office.  Neither Garfield nor Hayes received a popular majority.  The former did at least receive more votes than his 1880 opponent, but Hayes’s 1876 opponent lost despite having 51% of the popular vote.

Grant won two terms by large majorities, and Lincoln was re-elected with 55% of the popular vote, but his first term resulted from a plurality of 39.8%, the lowest percentage of all Presidents, bearded, mustachioed, or clean-shaven.

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