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From Veep to POTUS

June 3, 2013

Fourteen vice presidents later became President of the United States.

John Adams served under Washington and became his successor.

Jefferson ran against Adams, lost, served as his vice president, ran four years later against Adams and defeated him.

Van Buren served under Jackson and became his successor.

John Tyler served one month under William Henry Harrison and became the first Vice President to succeed to the office of the President upon the death of his predecessor.

Millard Fillmore served under Zachary Taylor and became President when Taylor died.

Andrew Johnson filled Lincoln’s unexpired second term.

Chester Arthur filled Garfield’s unexpired term.

Theodore Roosevelt became President when McKinley died and was elected to a term of his own in 1904.

Calvin Coolidge became President when Harding died and was elected to a term of his own in 1924.

Truman succeeded FDR.

LBJ succeeded JFK.

Richard Nixon was Vice President during the Eisenhower years, but he did not become President until eight years after leaving that administration.

Gerald Ford became President when Nixon resigned in 1974.

George H.W. Bush, a.k.a. “Bush 41,” was Ronald Reagan’s Vice President.  Bush became the first sitting Vice President since Van Buren to be elected President without having first succeeded to the office by the death of his predecessor.

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