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Democratic Presidents during the Republican Era

March 4, 2013

Between the Civil War and the Great Depression only two Democrats, Grover Cleveland and Woodrow Wilson, were elected to the office of President.  Although both served two terms, neither achieved a majority of the popular vote.


Cleveland had the popular plurality in 1884, 1888, and 1892, but he served two nonconsecutive terms because he did not win the Electoral vote in 1888.


Wilson won a three-way race in 1912 when former President Theodore Roosevelt split the Republican vote with then-President William Howard Taft.  Wilson won re-election by a squeaker in 1916.


Here are the percentages won by Cleveland and Wilson in the five races mentioned above.


1884:  Cleveland  48.7%


1888:  Cleveland  48.6%  (Lost in the Electoral College)


1892:  Cleveland  46.1%


1912:  Wilson  41.9%


1916:  Wilson  49.4%

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